Granmoun is the Haitian word for elderly person.  

People often ask us why we have hearts for the elderly when there are so many orphaned and abandoned kids in Haiti. Our answer is always, “why not?” After our first clinic in St Suzanne it became really obvious that there was a huge demographic of elderly men and women in the area. After investigating further we learned that many of them had been abandoned by their children. We will love & serve & share Jesus with anyone the Lord puts in our path and in this season we are all about the sweet men and women in St. Suzanne. This is why our dream is to build a nursing home, caring for & sharing Jesus with these men and women during their finals years on earth, what a privilege!




We are currently in the middle of construction on a warehouse to house materials and host clinics, as well as the monthly Granmoun food and medical care.

One day we will have a senior center where we can care for the elderly in every way.  Until then we are doing what we can to make things a little easier for them by hosting a monthly feeding program where over 100 elderly men and women come and pick up groceries for the month and receive a medical check-up and care.  Many of these men and women are unable to provide for themselves.  Their monthly groceries include everything from spices to bags of rice to oil to cook with.


MISSION TRAKAYE is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 ministry of Frantzy, Jenny, & Austin Louis, and our amazing staff in Haiti.  We are blessed to follow Paul’s example, and be commissioned by local churches.  Mission Trakaye is not a para-church organization, rather an “umbrella” that encompasses all that God allows us to do in Haiti.  


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