Medical care in Haiti is NOTHING like we have in the States.

The cost is outrageous, there is no such thing as insurance to help cover the expenses, and medicines and supplies must be purchased before the doctor will help the patient.

That's why several times a year we hold medical clinics.  This is a chance for Haitian and American doctors and nurses to work together to help people at no cost.  The medicines are donated by people in the States and brought in by the teams or sent on a container.  The day, time, and location of the clinic are generally advertised at a local church service.  People will start lining up hours before the clinic starts, and it is non-stop until we run out of supplies, daylight, or both.  We've seen as many as 600 patients in a day.  Prescribing things as simple as Tylenol, Ben Gay, laxatives, antifungal cream, and other simple items.  Things that we can go to our local WalMart and purchase for 88 cents are life-changing for the people at these clinics. 

If your church would be interested in adopting a clinic, please send us an email.  We'd love to tell you more about this ministry.