Because so many in Haiti can't afford a wedding due to the expectations of an elaborate day with lots of food, many Haitians live together without being married.  

Several years ago we were approached by a young couple who were burdened by the fact that they were not honoring God, their families, and each other by not being married.  That week, the Wedding Ministry was started.

Each couple undergoes counseling before their wedding day.  Dresses, suits, shoes, and even rings are donated by sponsors in America.  Our staff decorates, bakes wedding cakes, sets up and tears down, and when asked Pastor Da even performs the ceremony.  

Seeing the joy on the couple's face, and even many times, on their children's faces knowing that they are following God's direction for a family is such a blessing to everyone involved.

If you would like to sponsor a wedding, or have wedding items you would like to donate, please contact us.